P Ramlee – Malaysia’s Legendary Star

June 3, 2011 at 12:00 pm

P Ramlee is beyond a doubt Malaysia’s best talent in the film industry. The man was well known for his singing, acting and also directing skills, not to mention his uncanny sense of humour too. Although he has been gone for almost 38 years, his movies are still much talked about and appreciated among Malaysians from all walks of life and ethnicity. Foreigners might not know much about this man, as most of his work was in Malay language, but for anyone who has had the opportunity to watch some of his shows, like Seniman Bujang Lapuk, will appreciate his skillful storytelling.

P Ramlee, the legendary Malaysian actor

In a recent article, a defunct fan club dedicated to P Ramlee has been resurrected and there are plans to organise activities at Rumah P Ramlee in Penang in memory of the late entertainer. This resurgence of interest in P Ramlee can probably be attributed to a sense of nationalistic pride and also partly due to a series of documentaries done by Astro on Malaysian personalities, including P Ramlee and Sudirman, that has been aired recently. Whatever the reason, it is great to know that talent like P Ramlee still occupies a special place in the eyes of many Malaysians. The high regard for him is a testament of his important role in promoting local Malaysian films and performing arts. Only God knows how many actors and actresses were inspired to follow his footsteps after watching him in his many films.

Ever watched a P Ramlee film? If you haven’t, you should. If you have, tell us what is your favourite film and why!

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he P. Ramlee Fan Club plans to organise activities at Rumah P. Ramlee in memory of the late entertainer.

Its pro-tem committee chairman Datuk Seri Mohd Yussof Latiff said the club was now looking for sponsors to fund the activities which will be held at the compound of the house on Jalan P. Ramlee here.

“Once we have secured sponsors, we will start organising the activities,” he said yesterday after attending a tahlil and yassin recital session to commemorate the 38th death anniversary of the multi-talented artiste who died on May 29, 1973.

Mohd Yussof said the club, previously known only as P. Ramlee Club, had gone defunct before it was revived recently.

More than 100 orphans also took part in the prayers yesterday which was organised by the Federation of Malay Culture and Art Associations, the fan club and the Penang branch of the National Archives.

The prayer session was held at the P. Ramlee Gallery next to Rumah P. Ramlee, the house where the late artiste grew up in. The house has been converted into a museum.

Those who wish to join the fan club can call 04-2273092. Applica­tion forms for membership can be obtained from Bangunan Pemenang on Jalan Pemenang here.

Source: The Star

Photo (c) Sham Hardy

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