Sex Tourism in Malaysia?

May 27, 2011 at 4:13 pm

As unsavoury as it may seem, prostitution has been with humanity for such a long time that it is jokingly referred to as the world’s oldest profession. In the South East Asia region, sex tourism, or tourists who visit a country for sex, is still a major issue. It is undeniable that there is a high demand for Asian women which is fueled by the general perception that they are exotic objects of sensuality.

Bukit Bintang has also a less savoury side to it, especially for those who prefer to indulge in carnal activities

The more notorious places to gain access to such carnal pleasures would definitely be in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, but prostitution also exists in Malaysia, of course. Even with laws that forbid such things, sex for hire still thrives, though probably on a smaller scale. After all, it cannot compare to the wild heady and often bawdy experiences offered up north in Thailand.

The antics of prostitutes in Kuala Lumpur was recently highlighted in a local newspaper’s article. It seems that these prostitutes were dressing down in order to heighten their appeal to potential clients, reportedly stripping down to their undergarments. In a country where stripclubs are illegal, these antics are the closest thing Malaysians will get to a strip show, unless of course, they pay for the prostitutes’ services.

Can prostitution actually cease in Malaysia? Unfortunately, we do not think it will. Tell us what YOU think.

Read the full article below:
FOREIGN prostitutes here are stripping to only their bras and panties to attract customers at a budget hotel at Jalan Pudu, reported Harian Metro.

To make more money, the prostitutes also work during the day.

It is learnt that the prostitutes offered sexual services specifically to tourists and senior citizens in coffee shops at cheap hotels, for as low as RM10 to RM150.

The Bukit Aman Vice, Gambling and Secret Societies Division (D7) exposed their immoral activities, said to be conducted between 9am and 3pm, during a raid at the hotel last Wednesday.

At about 11.45am, 40 foreign women were detained while waiting for customers, said D7 chief ASP Shahrul Nizam Jaafar.

He added that 34 of the women arrested were from China, five from Myanmar and one from Indonesia.

“Police also arrested two foreign men hiding with the women,” he said.

He added that all the women who were arrested had overstayed.

Source: The Star

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