Tree Planting (World Wetlands Day 2011)

February 22, 2011 at 2:00 pm

Malaysia relies much more on nature than most Malaysians actually know. Although timber is usually the most commonly known economic resource provided by nature, it is also one of the most destructive, as many trees that are logged will take decades if not centuries to replace. The destruction does not stop at the loss of the physical tree itself, but also of the ecosystem that the tree was part of, and supported. The deforestation as a result of logging and for agricultural plantations has become a hot topic in the country and one that should concern the Malaysian public.

The Malaysian rainforest is one of the most complex ecosystems in the world

It is unfortunate that Malaysians in general suffer a disconnect when it comes to nature. As Malaysia is a tropical country, local nature takes the form of green jungles and heavily forested areas. Areas that are naturally hot, humid and dirty – three things that are definitely a turn off for average Malaysians. There is good news, however, as green initiatives gain more traction within the country and nature lovers begin to band together in local efforts to promote a greener lifestyle.

One such group is Eco Warriors Malaysia, a grassroots effort to bring Malaysians together to make positive environmental changes in people’s lifestyle. Set up by Matthias Gelber, a man who, in his own words, is living his passion of protecting the environment, this group is currently focused on tree planting in order to combat climate change and to look after the needs of the environment and future generations.

In line with its focus, Eco Warriors Malaysia will be organising a tree planting event on 26 February 2011. This event is in support of GEC and The Sai Baba Group to replant trees in peat swamp forests, in particular the Raja Musa Peat Swamp Forest in Selangor. The tree planting will be from 7 am till 12 noon. Volunteers are requested to gather at 7 am at the A&W outlet at Petaling Jaya next to the Taman Jaya LRT Station. The organisers have arranged carpooling so volunteers who have no transport will still be able to participate.

Those who are interested are requested to confirm their participation before 23 February. Further information and details can be found on the Facebook event page here.

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  1. Jade says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Good Morning.

    Our company intends to organized a Volunteering Day for our employees in the month of November this year during weekends, preferable saturday.
    A half day activity whereby we can contribute back to the nature and have a direct or long term impact towards the nature. For example, river cleaning, planting trees which is close to extinction, cleaning up waterfalls and etc.

    Do you have any projects in hand which needs the help of volunteers?
    Maybe you can suggest a few and we will see where we can go from there.

    Estimated participants will be around 70, with staff and family members.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me shall you need any further information.

    Your swift reply will be much appreciated. (Please reply to email or mobile line only) 012- 399 6397


    Best Regards,

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